Software Install feeds

One of the better sites to get Zaurus software is the Zaurus Software Index . You'll need to get a "feed" with a package index for the Zaurus software installer to see them.

Under public_html somehwere create a "feed" directory which has the ".ipk" packages you've downloaded. For the Zaurus software install to see the packages, you need to create the "Package" index, a simple file; I use a Makefile to do this. It runs a program I got from the net called . You will have to re-run the Makefile whenever you add a new ipk so it will update the Packages. I have a feed directory which has some stuff of interest to me.

Then enter the URL of the feed dir containing the ipkg files and Packages file the *highlight* it to activate.

Desktop Sync

If the Zaurus sits too long between charges, it loses all it's non-ROM data -- address book, programs, etc. I've never had to worry about this on my Handsprint/Palmos PDA, which I still use for PDA because of this. If I could get reliable backup to my FreeBSD desktop, perhaps over WiFi every time I stepped into the house, I'd be much more inclined to trust the Zaurus as a PDA.

Qtopia Desktop

Looks like I want Qtopia Desktop, which appears available for Windows and Linux at or from Qtopia's homepage

So can I build it under FreeBSD? And have it sync over WAN instead of USB or hard ethernet?

The Zaurus Software Index says about Qtopia Desktop 1.6 for Windows and Linux (changed 03/21/03):

Qtopia Desktop: There have been numerous improvements to Qtopia Desktop, including the addition of one-click application installation, back-up and restore functionality, synchronization across wireless networks, and a large number of usability improvements.

RPM install into FreeBSD

The FTP files are RPM binaries, like qtopia-desktop-1.6.2-1.i386.rpm. Is the desktop included in the source files like qtopia-free-1.6.2.tar.gz?

There's also a tmake-1.11.tar.gz there, which I seem to recall was needed to compile qtopia-free, and freebsd ports only had tmake-1.7 at the time.

Trying to install the RPM fails because it can't find dependencies

chris@PECTOPAH<117> sudo rpm --install qtopia-desktop-1.6.2-1.i386.rpm
error: failed dependencies: is needed by qtopia-desktop-1.6.2-1 is needed by qtopia-desktop-1.6.2-1 is needed by qtopia-desktop-1.6.2-1
Even though is in /usr/compat/linux/lib -- how do I tell it to look in that dir? Other libraries, like libGL don't exist there. Maybe it's time to try and build from source, sigh.

Build from source

Get the qtopia-free (10MB) and qt-embedded (16MB) source distros from The instructions also have you build qt-x11 but a FreeBSD port has already installed qt-3.1.2_1 which claims to be "A C++ X GUI toolkit"; maybe it's what I need.

Unpack qtopia-free and set variables as they say. Then do the same for qt-embedded. It bombs in "make sub-src":

g++  -c -I/usr/local/src/qt-2.3.6/include -Wno-unused -Wno-parentheses -pipe -fno-exceptions -DQWS -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions -DQT_NO_QWS_LINUXFB -DQT_NO_QWS_TRANSFORMED -O2 -Wall -W -DNO_DEBUG -DQT_NO_CODECS -DQT_LITE_UNICODE -I../../include -I../tools -I. -o qfile_unix.o ../tools/qfile_unix.cpp
gcc   -o ./moc mocgen.o  qbuffer.o  qcollection.o  qcstring.o  qdatastream.o  qdatetime.o  qfile.o  qgarray.o  qgdict.o  qglist.o  qglobal.o  qgvector.o  qiodevice.o  qregexp.o  qstring.o  qtextcodec.o  qtextstream.o  qutfcodec.o  qfile_unix.o     
mocgen.o: In function `init()':
mocgen.o(.text+0x63e0): undefined reference to `operator new(unsigned)'
mocgen.o(.text+0x6406): undefined reference to `operator new(unsigned)'
mocgen.o(.text+0x6457): undefined reference to `operator new(unsigned)'
mocgen.o: In function `enterNameSpace(char const*)':

I can't get it to compile, even after playing with lex and yacc a bit. The various READMEs I have found indicate it will only build on Linux, even though it can be compiled for freebsd. Lame.

Manual Backup

At a minimum, I should be able to use something like "scp -r /" to copy the contents of the Zaurus over the WLAN to my desktop. Install the scp-client and let 'er rip. Mine's running as I write this with about a 2MB/sec reported throughput from scp.

It would be better if I had an rsync on the Zaurus, so I didn't need to copy everything over each time, just the changes. Oh my, naturally there is one on the ZSI. I'll copy it here for a local feed and try that. Hurumph, it's not an ipk file, just a binary (as, it appears, is zethereal)

Control Characters

These are on the FAQ but need them handy here.

Desired	Qtopia		Console
|	SHIFT+Space	FN+Space
[ ]	SHIFT+FN+Del )
{ }	SHIFT+FN+< >
`	SHIFT+FN+Space

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