EZsetup of the Network

SGI has an account called EZsetup which logs in and does basic network configuration.

Login as EZsetup

Previously, you should have given the EZsetup account a password. Login as EZsetup now with the password you chose earlier. It will automagically run the setup program.

Fill in EZsetup fields

Specify that you are the primary user and default to root and name Super-User unless you think there's a good reason to change these. Specify the system name and IP address. I use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN, like wirehead.hq.nasa.gov because I've found some software wants the FQDN rather than the simple hostname (eg: wirehead). You should doublecheck later to ensure that this has been entered correctly into /etc/sys_id and /etc/hosts.

If appropriate, select the default netmask. At HQ, we use a Class B address, but subnet it into Class C networks; we unselect this and specify 0xffffff0 or as the netmask. You'll probably have to change this later in /etc/gateways.

Leave the question about the host with the host list blank.

The system will want to reboot. Let it. When it comes up again, you should finish configuring the network.

Chris Shenton