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65 We had a bunch of people over for a cook-off and wanted to cover the bare-metal fridge doors with something tacky and tasteless. Off to the fabric store for some fake leopard fur.
50 Unfortunately, the olivey browns and blacks kinda work with the colors in the kitchen.
79 This is on a fridge 7 feet high and 4 feet wide.
91 Deck steel piers and joists.
52 Stairs to deck are built similarly to the single-spine main stair.
92 Low wall (comfortable to sit on) surrounds future patio.
91 The wall will be capped with the same material used on the window wells.
93 The Merrifield Garden Center truck arrives with our trees: a huge 16 foot birch, an 10 foot red ornamental plum, an 8 foot Japanese black pine (for the front yard) and two narrow 6 foot tall junipers with blue highlights.
75 The birch is insanely heavy.
70 The delivery guys don't think there's any way we'll be able to dig the hole ourselves; we aren't going to -- irene's father will :-)

Chris Shenton