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45 Making Peter Reinhart's "Pain Ancienne", which uses ice water and an initial overnight retard in the refridgerator to delay yeast action and encourage enzyme action.
36 Color coordination: shirt, spatula, glasses.
49 Bagettes aren't formed in the classic fold-and-roll manner, they were just cut from the raw dough.
93 Larger free-form boule ready for the oven; it's an incredibly wet and sticky dough, very hard to form.
69 We're putting a steel and concrete (surprise) deck off the kitchen and are considering using mesh for the railings.
53 This mesh is around the elevator in the Harris Teeter store just up the road. I like the geometery but it's a bit dense I think.
61 A different mesh railing at Harris Teeter (sure wish my cheap digital camera would allow me control over depth of field).
63 This is a more open mesh but I'd like it oriented vertically/horizontally rather than this diagonal -- everything else in the house is rectilinear.

Chris Shenton