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34 Glass and steel table we brought back from King of Prussia, PA on the roof of the Honda Civic.
35 Above is the "bug light".
33 The "bug light" when turned on has are pleasant magenta glow near the base of bulbs, but you can't see it in this picture :-(
94 You can see a hint of the magenta at the base of the bulbs here, but it's much more pronounced in real life.
37 Table, light, stairs.
38 Steel and purple cloth chairs came from UUcom/Outbounder where I used to work.
40 The purple fabric of the chairs echos the magenta glow in the bulbs, and actually works quite well with the stained floor color.
36 Bug light reflected in the table, taken from near the top of the stairs.
30 Bug light reflected in the table top.

Chris Shenton