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89 AC thermostat installed on main floor; we'll have a separate one for the hydronic heat.
27 The cleaning crew has been busy and removed the film from the closet/bathroom door; view inside shows glass-block wall in front of bidet.
33 Irene reflected in bathroom door.
71 Irridescent floor tiles in the shower.
86 Goofy door stops to prevent the bedroom door from hitting the closet sliding mirror doors.
29 Measuring the closet for shelves.
28 Office door and closet.
24 Door pull on sliding closet door.
35 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! One of the painters mistakenly started painting the charcoal gray split-block wall!
32 Painted top, bottom, and edges of the wall. Hopefully they can power-wash it off (this is inside a nearly-completed house!). Otherwise, they will have to tear down the wall and rebuild it. So close, yet...

Chris Shenton