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40 Punching down the cat5e cables; tedious.
38 The HVAC guys have connected the condensate pipes to the floor drain.
27 Hole cut through wall for the hydronic boiler air intake.
19 Access hatch for main water supply.
29 Handrail steel for the basement stairs. The backing 1x4 wood was needed to provide sufficient support for the rail, since the wall studs are steel.
33 Basement stair railing and balusters are fairly conventional compared to the rest of the house but they have clean lines.
30 Door knobs attached. (ADA compliant Schlage Elan in satin chrome, not that the house and stairs is at all "accessible")
40 Wall oven cabinet has been inverted and ovens re-installed, lowering them to the right height.
44 Smooth-face split-block wall installed. It's a lot more gray than we anticipated, you have to get close to see the flecks of terracotta. The end of the stud-wall on the upper left has been painted black so it disappears; the inside of that closet wall wiil be as well.
16 The first AC register was installed.

Chris Shenton