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41 Plywood and Cat5e patch panel.
19 Access hatch covers main water feed.
81 Basement toilet leaks into drain, then into sump.
72 Gas meter installed, reading 0000.
90 Gas pipe painted silver.
23 Mini-trak-light under wall cabinets.
91 Irridescent tiles form cooktop backsplash.
87 Fridge and ovens installed but not finished. The island hides some of the massiveness of the "behemoth" fridge.
33 Stair treads with eurathane drying, looks like a xylophone.
33 Upstairs railings with cables being run.
33 Finally, the hand-shower has been installed.
35 Unfortunately, the valve isn't well installed and leaks.
87 There are a few places where studs were removed from the floor, tearing out the stained concrete; we'll need to find a way to color them.
39 One of the cables on the main railing failed.
34 Basement stair treads eurathaned. Caution sign came from the oven :-)
91 Cables are held by hexagonal cylinders, which are then bolted through the rail; bolt-heads will be painted flat black.
92 Framing built around the air conditioning return. I hope they didn't use large cut-nails to spike the studs into the concrete, this is where all the hydronic tubes run.
20 Painters touching up the detail work where pipes and steel pierce the wall.
37 No idea why the colors on this are so weird, I think the camera battery was dying. Rods and ducting from the cooktop are primed.
95 Despite the don't-tread-on-me sign, I had to walk down the eurathaned stairs since we had locked ourselves out of the basement -- leaving footprints in my wake.
42 Blue tape marks where treads have been burned by welders cutting off the steel overhead.
88 Hot water supply to basement slop sink leaks.
90 Exhaust and intake for the hydronic boiler; the intake needs to be run through the wall.
90 Initial cat5e cables wired into the panel.
31 The white part of the floor didn't get stained like the rest of the concrete, presumably there was a sole-plate that extended over the floor there when the stain went down. Muddy footprints in foreground.
84 Ejector sump has a dribble on the lid, from where? Condensation?
88 Basement door light installed.
64 Basement door light has pretty poor caulking.

Chris Shenton