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28 Interior of the main floor coat closet with new flourescent light and door. There will be a smooth-finish split-block wall separating this from the dining room, we're just waiting on Betco to stop lying about the delivery date for the blocks.
90 Electrical sockets and switches mounted in the Uba Tuba backsplash.
87 It doesn't have to make sense, it's code. Had to cut into the maple sills to put outlets in, ick. Not sure how we could have made this less obtrusive, since the area between the counter and sill is too short and congested with studs to put the socket on the backsplash.
91 Had to order black Lutron dimmers from the web, since the electricians couldn't find them at local supply houses. Need to get them to put in a pricey 1000W dimmer for the central kitchen track, since they have to be de-rated with used in gangs -- heat dissipation I expect.
26 Basement shower stall has been plumbed in and door hung; it's really chrome, not brass.
27 I couldn't really turn on the water because the basement is below grade and the sump/ejector pump hadn't been wired in yet.
59 The Cropp Metcalf HVAC folks have delivered the AC compressors.
90 Ivan cut-down an extra (?) solid core birch-veneer door to make this access panel under the basement stairs.
35 "The Behemoth" fridge (48 inch wide, counter depth Amana) is almost in place, waiting on a missing coupler for the water filter. The thing weighs about 500 pounds and has to be bolted to the wall to prevent it from tipping over and crushing someone.
26 The steel guys have fabricated the first of the railings around the stairs.
29 The railings will have stainless cables running through them to meet code.
75 The high-efficiency water heater is vented to the outside. For some reason, it can't go out the same wall as the hydronic boiler, which uses the steel ducting to the right.
62 Bummer: the water heater vent emerges just about where we want the stair to come down from a small deck off the kitchen.
93 The diagonal pipe comes from the sump, and drains into the city sewer; probably should put that sump pump on an UPS.
53 Sump/ejector pump for basement fixtures now has electricity. The blue, white, gray, and black cables are 3000 feet of Cat 5e ethernet and twin RG video cable Irene and I pulled. We have to terminate it into a patch panel soon.
9 Duct awaiting coupling from gas drier in upstairs laundry closet.
24 Gas drier and front-loading washer have been plumbed in.
30 The crew uses chipboard for privacy curtains in the bathroom.
94 Cheapie light fixtures in the master closet / dressing room.
88 Have to decide on the dimensions for the wood rail capping the stair railings. It seems 2.5 wide by 1.5 high, routed to accept the metal bar, should be comfortable and clean looking.
36 The painters do excellent work; some mask the kitchen while others put up the second coat of Strong Hunter green.
102 Have to call Washington Gas to get them to install a meter and give us service.
89 The electricians have wired up the AC compressors.
56 In a recent storm, one of the exterior lights has come loose from its mounting.

Chris Shenton