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37 Irene stands in front of the BlueStar (ex-Garland) 6-burner cooktop with its massive 18,000 BTU burners, and hood with enough capacity to vent it.
89 Sink mounted in Uba Tuba counter with Grohe faucet in black. The granite guys (JFK in McLean) did a great job of making cutouts for the sockets and such.
91 Coffee-bar sink, also with black Grohe faucet.
90 HVAC folks (Cropp Metcalf) created a special duct to transition from the 600 CFM hood to a large outside vent; no throughput restrictions.
91 Matching soap pumper dispenser; seems silly, but we use a cheapie version at the old house and really like the convenience.
29 Cropp Metcalfe put a bend in the main floor air return to compensate for the brain-damaged location I initially specified 12 inches from the living room wall. This will give us more useful coat-closet space.
26 Main air return just terminates below the trusses; there's no ceiling so it can draw with no problem.
81 Nifty Lutron smart dimmers can be pre-set to desired lighting level, gradually fade up and down, and have multiple remote dimmer switches for the same circuit. Kinda goofy cover plates, but that's what we get for not specifying everything :-(
33 Pierre dropped off these 7 foot 6 inch equipment racks, spoils of the .com collapse; doors outside the picture. The house already has the feel of a data center.
84 GFCI in Decora style. A week later, a lightening storm blew-out all the GFCIs so we need to look into lightening rods, whole-house surge protectors and the like; neighbors had televisions and other electronics destroyed.
93 Flourescent fixture in the ceiling of the laundry room.
92 Flourescents in the guest bedroom and computer room; a bit overkill for such a small space but these 2-tube fixtures are plenty cheap. I like the electrician's placement: above the entrance to illuminate evenly.
21 Checking out 802.11b wireless network connectivity. The house is concrete and steel, and it turns out that the laptop's wireless card loses signal to the basement Access Point when it gets upstairs. Probably have to put the AP on the main floor, or use multiple APs.
77 Still deciding on light fixtures for the upstairs public bathroom; I think I chose a goofy location for the outlet boxes, a bit high rather than centered. But the unusual stainless and mottled glass "tusk" lights we've ordered should fit the location well.

Chris Shenton