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36 My toy: a Blue Star (formerly Garland) 6-burner, 36 inch cooktop. It weighs 200 pounds. Oddly, it doesn't look at all big in this kitchen. I need to have it raised 1.5 inches: the base cabinet was built for the slightly taller Wolf that I had planned on getting, before the Blue Star became available again.
41 The rear left burner is a simmer burner, and there are two 18,000 BTU burners on the front. The rest are probably paltry 15,000 BTU. The grates are heavy cast iron, not flimsy enameled steel.
54 Livingroom with ceiling fans installed: a pair of Casablanca original style in matt black, with 5 52 inch matching blades.
50 As planned, the matt black finish helps them disappear into the ceiling.
27 Washer and gas drier have been plumbed in, though the drier exhaust vent has not been for some mysterious reason. The drier door can be reversed, but the washer cannot; we'll probably swap them if this gets too annoying but right now we don't want to delay construction any more than we have to. (Door casings have now been completed; as ordered, they weren't deep enough for our walls; special order was needed since this is clear stain-grade trim).
58 The new and improved, big-n-ugly cooktop hood vent. Should easily handle the 600 CFM the hood produces. Enough to suck cats off the floor... well, maybe not our tubs o' lard.

Chris Shenton