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85 Chinese something-or-other, next to the Japanese Snowbell which Merrifield's designer recommended; it's OK, but not too exciting, and probably darn right boring when the blossoms drop.
96 Heritage Birch with that great paper bark. We're planning on putting one in the South West corner of the yard.
90 Stewartia pseudocamelia, which we're thinking of getting instead of the Snowbell. It has peeling bark like the Birch, as well red fall color, white blossoms, red berries so should be more interesting for a longer period of time. More expensive than Snowbell and slower growing.
106 Salix Matsudana `Tortuosa', or as I call it, "wiggly willow". Really cool contorted branches.
91 Plum trees have red leaves during the warm season, brilliant red new growth. Planning on one of these near the southwest corner.
94 Nandina, or "heavenly bamboo": great red color, probably use clumps of these in front of the backdrop of trees or hedges.
88 Laurel we're thinking of using as a hedge along the west; a little boring but would make a good backdrop for closer more colorful plants.
89 We'll want a couple evergreens, but I don't like the cypress with the sea-weed-like flat fronds, like Hinoki or Leylandii. Can't remember what this one is, maybe Umbrella pine?
87 This might be a Hinoki cypress, and it's not too bad actually.
93 Foster holly, another evergreen, but it's not the traditional spikey dark green leathery leaves -- this is much more delicate. I could live with it.
91 Blue pine (I like blue).
90 Closeup of umbrella pine.

Chris Shenton