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84 Roto-tilling the back yard. Fortunately the rental store is just down the block. Unfortunately, we will later find out that the yard needs to be re-graded so we've probably wasted the day doing this. And The damn wheel fell off making it very hard to control.
85 Look, ma! No hands!
35 Irene's always looking for A Man. In this case, a behemoth of a fridge: 48 inches wide, 84 inches tall, but only 24 inches deep.
26 Washer and gas drier delivered: front loaders for more efficient water and energy use, but I'll be annoyed if we can't fit in our largest comforter. Good thing there's a dry cleaner less than a block away. We've applied a couple coats of tung oil to the inside of the door on left, it's brought out a interesting sheen in the grain.
79 Tilled back yard from upstairs. Not big, but we sure have a great crop of dead cars.

Chris Shenton