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40 Irene's favourite granite area, the corner cabinet of the coffee bar counter.
33 Opposite view of coffe-bar counter with decent-sized second sink in it. The granite is Uba Tuba, the cabinets are maple.
37 Time to clean the lens.
36 Northwest corner: first piece of granite is notched to lock in the next piece.
32 Coffee-bar counter again.
28 Computer room with ceiling fan.
32 Master bedroom with ceiling fan.
37 Woo hoo! The toilet's been installed! (master bathroom)
93 Uh, this is a second feed for the master shower, but the plumbers installed a tub spigot instead -- 4 feet off the floor. It needs to be replaced with the valve to feed a hand-shower.
22 Slop sink in upstairs laundry room.
33 Toilet in mast bath, hidden behind glassblock shower enclosure.
48 Plumber has re-routed his pipe on the left to match the angles of the HVAC hydronic pipes.
23 Basement shower waiting for us to supply the beachglass trim for the accent band. Also waiting for more white bullnose tile to frame out the door -- a process which took us two weeks and trips to four different Home (fuckin) Depots to accomplish.

Chris Shenton