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32 Electricians cut more holes to fish 3-wire BX for the track-lights.
30 Cabinet handles are all in now.
39 More electrician holes :-(
21 Hole for cooktop vent-hood needs to be enlarged to handle 600 CFM.
32 Coat-closet with door hinging the wrong way. There will be a block wall in front.
21 Track-light going in; inexpensive heads will be replaced with black ones to blend in.
33 Window sill trim is in; maple looks nice.
17 Lutron dimmers: they can have a main and many remotes so you can dim from multiple locations.
37 Ivan does real nice finish work: check the coping of the baseboard to the block.
24 Top of the stairs looking out glassblock and window, and skylight well above.
24 Attic stairs in guest bedroom.
26 Wood/glass door between master closet/dressingroom and bathroom. Plastic film will be removed.
39 Master shower stall floor done, with irridescent black mosaic glass tile.
28 Master shower with alcove (Scots: boley hole) for shampeaux :-)
25 Irridescent clear glass tile, set in white mortar and gray grout.
94 They moved the bathroom vent fan from on top of the glassblock wall, but now it looks too close to the air conditioning vent.
95 Glassblock and tile partition between lavatory and bidet areas.
22 Hydronic valves and tubes in the guest bedroom closet; don't know why that cinder block is there.

Chris Shenton