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48 Railings around exterior stairs have gone in; wonder of wonders -- the electricians put in ONE light this week.
26 Cool light coming through the glassblock around the basement door
36 Ivan's done the bathroom windowsills in tile
22 Doors going in
94 Here you can see how the floor mosaic tiles curve up to meet the wall -- no hard edge. In the top corner of the photo, you can see the one of the wall tiles irridescence.
32 Glassblock partition done; in the top left, you can see that they moved the exhaust fan so the shower enclosure can go all the way up.
46 Shower enclosure done -- except for a bit of the walls, where they ran out of tile
85 The master bathroom shower floor is done with irridescent black mosaic tiles; it's a good look with the right light. Ivan formed it so the floor curves up to meet the walls. Unfortunately we had four sheets too little, gotta order more.
30 Baseboards going in, to be finished with a Danish oil.
20 Clean lines in the door casing, and very plain baseboard moulding.

Chris Shenton