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29 High efficiency water heater
25 Plumbers have put in the supply for the basement bathroom.
22 Toilets going in, the builders must be... relieved.
16 Bath tile surround is plumbed in; you can see the colored irridescent tiles in the beachglass stripe.
42 Jorge's almost finished the master bathroom shower surround. Unfortunately, the exhaust fan was located right where the wall will meet the ceiling, it's gotta be moved.
33 Glassblock partition for the bidet.
25 Doors for the laundry room; all doors are solid core to keep noise down and give a good heft.
93 Baseboard's going in; they'll be finished with a Danish oil type of finish, rather than a plastic-like urethane.
24 They ordered the wrong doors for the bedroom closets -- these should be bypass sliding mirror doors; gotta be returned, hopefully for credit.

Chris Shenton