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21 Looking west from the guest bedroom, past its closte, into the hall.
28 Standing in the basement shower, just Durocked.
27 Basement utility room looking west, hole in wall for heater vent
88 Heater for hydronic tubing in the floors; looks like they're starting to hook it up.
90 Master bath shower, durocked, with alcove for soap and such; probably have a couple 1/4-circle soap-dish things mounted in the tile, too.
37 Master bath shower pan gets the rubber-room treatment. This curb will be topped with glass block walls.
38 The dropped part of the curb is where the shower door will go.
90 The top-of-the-stairs bathroom tub, recently durocked. We're trying to decide where to put the accent tiles.
83 Beach glass tiles in clear, and two iridescent "moonstone" accents -- blue and green.
95 The beach glass tile is 1/2 inch thick, twice the thickness of normal tile. We'll just have to accept it protruding from the wall a bit.
31 We were surprised to see the richness of the iridescent color amplified by the darker background, so we should have these set with gray mortar rather than the recommended white.
27 The color of the iridescent "moon stone" tiles changes dramatically depending on the incident angle of the light.
43 The first exterior light goes up, a galvanized retro/industrial thing.

Chris Shenton