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36 Back door down hallway past stairs
28 Kitchen clerestories, drywall still needs mud.
95 Kitchen corner with unfortunately-visible drain pipe around block column
92 Block column needs the corner blocks replaced
92 Bedroom first mud.
25 Looking west from guest bedroom along hallway, to master bedroom wall.
89 Office/computer room first mud.
25 Looking from through computer room into master bedroom.
38 Public bathroom: sound insulation behind the tub area.
94 Watching Chris on our wide screen TeeVee :-) (too bad the lens is so spotty)
43 Basement door surrounded by glassblock. The block is flush with the exterior, so the block is quite recessed from the interior surface of the mud. Bug or feature?
29 Main drain cleanout won't sit within the 6" stud walls.
89 Basement workshop area. On this side, drywall goes to the bottom of the truss, but to the top on the other side. I don't really want it all the way up on the workshop side -- might as well leave some access for wires and such.
27 Hydronic tubing waiting for its manifold
43 Cat-5e and RG-6 waiting for some termination. Not sure what to do here.

Chris Shenton