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176 Snowing like Fargo.
85 Livingroom looking south.
160 Master bedroom.
83 Computer room looking east and out the door.
157 Upstairs hallway looking toward computer room and public bathroom.
93 Kitchen looking east, to where the cooktop and hood will be. We were trying to decide on colors today: looks like Duron's "Strong Hunter Green" will go best with the maple cabinets and uba tuba countertops.
84 Looking into the livingroom.
88 Kitchen looking south. Wires for track lights which will hang from the trusses.
177 Basement in the expected TV area. Not sure how we're going to finish the area above the duct work to hide the insulation.
165 Basement in the workshop area. Would have been nice if the main drain pipe fit inside the wall.
166 Basement detail showing trusses piercing drywall; I expect they'll finish the holes with drywall bits or mud.
81 Kitchen looking north. No idea why they just drywalled over one of the clerestory glassblock windows.
170 Kitchen north wall detail of trusses and pipes piercing drywall.

Chris Shenton