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63 Our "building" insurance ran out after a year so we now have to insure as a regular house; we need photos inside and out to show construction and such. Front door of the house. The painters are ready to do the trim and prime the inside steel trusses and galvanized steel concrete floor pans.
92 Front face of the house looking at the living room windows.
38 Looking at the North East corner.
89 Looking at the North West corner.
59 Looking at the West wall, with basement stairs going down.
71 South West corner, patio door almost hidden by black plastic sheeting.
78 The painters are waiting for us to make up our minds. Turns out that the recommended Duron Duraclad paint for steel will foam up (saponify) if it contacts the galvanized steel concrete decking pan, so we have to come up with something else. The perils of building an unconventional house.
57 Evan and his crew are framing the patio door and replacing the glass block over the front door, which was shipped in the wrong pattern.
37 Evan framing out the patio door before setting the glass block as a transom. The steel stud framework in the foreground is a knee wall which will have base cabinets on the far side and wall cabinets set on the floor as a breakfast bar on the near side.
34 View of the living room. Windows and other areas have been masked off in preparation for spraying the ceiling trusses and concrete pans with primer paint.
47 Upstairs looking from the master bedroom through the hallway into the other bedroom (office).
86 Upstairs looking from the bedroom/office into the master bedroom. The dense studwork frames a laundry room and beyond that is the master bath and closet.
43 Upstairs looking from the bathroom down the hallway, steel stair skeleton visible towards the left.
30 The back door, with the new handleset hardware installed.
42 Basement looking from West to East. The basement stairs sit forlornly on the floor, waiting for installation. There's a question whether the mounting bolts to connect it to the floor above will penetrate into the concrete floor so far that they puncture the heating tubing -- would be a very serious mistake.
48 Basement looking East to West. Basement bathroom framing is to the right.
42 Basement looking through bathroom framing toward basement door.
60 Our builder, David Frenzel, talking with the painters, trying to schedule them around plumbers and electricians.

Chris Shenton