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172 Floors stained (after much wailing and gnashing of teeth) with L.M. Scofield's Lithochrome Chemstain, Antique Amber. It has a mottled coverage, which is something we wanted. TMA-1 on the right foreground.
169 Kitchen floor looking toward the (missing) patio door. The amber has some greening undertones which should go well with the maple cabinets and Uba Tuba granite counter tops we're planning on.
165 Top floor looks a bit darker but it could just be that there aren't as many large windows.
177 After 6 months of calls from our general contractor, Virginia Power finally hooks us up. The entire house, up to this point, has been built by hand or with power tools run off generators. Electricity should make the rest of the work go more easily.
169 Rather abstract image of stained concrete floor from the top of the steel stairs skeleton. You can see a stress crack has developed between the base of the stairs and the block column defining an interior corner of the house. A 1/4" by 1/4" saw cust runs along the stairway hole below main stairs to the column to deter further stress crack development, but cracking is inevitible; it's a feature, not a bug :-)
104 Basement also got a stained concrete floor. Like the others, this is the finished floor: there will be no tile, hardwood, or carpets on top.
106 Air conditioner air handler -- which had been installed -- was removed out of concern for the corrosive chemicals in the concrete stain.
135 Hopefully, Virginia Power has installed an electricity meter now so we'll have power in the circuit breaker box -- which was installed months and months ago.

Chris Shenton