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91 The skylight's in and the metal roof appears nearly done. Shot facing south from the auto repair shop.
94 Another view showing the metal roof, facing northwest.
54 We may do a brick/block driveway thing like the neighbors but don't want it to dominate (we have no garage).
33 Electrical conduit going in; the holes and conduit need to be in before the floors are poured -- don't want core drilling through the heated slabs, could be a very very expensive mistake.
93 Basement floor has 2 inch insulation on top of gravel, then wire mesh on top of that. Perimeter is also insulated to reduce heat loss from the heated slab floor.
44 Kitchen floor showing mesh for heated slab, and electrical conduit coming up from the basement. The tall conduit is so I can run low-voltage wiring (ethernet, audio, video) from basement to attic then down to upstairs rooms.
47 Opening in second floor for stairs. In the center, at the far end of the opening, are four mounting bolts welded to a plate where the staircase will attach. We can't just weld it because the heat might melt the heating tubes embedded in the concrete.
58 Opening for stairs in the main floor going to basement is directly below the opening to go upstairs. How to attach the bottom of the stairs which go up?
91 Top of the main floor stairway opening to basement shows mounting bolts welded to steel plate.
43 Clear picture of stairway mounting bolts in the ceiling of the main floor.
86 Shot from basement showing the mounting bolts in the basement ceiling (too dark to see without image processing) and above that the equivalent mounting point for the stairs going from main to top floor.
90 The main and top floors also have blue insulation for the heated slab around the perimeter, but not on the floor itself since we don't mind it radiating down as well as up.

Chris Shenton