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51 Upstairs plumbing for laundry room -- need a floor-drain installed. In front is the skylight, with motor and rain-sensors.
96 Upstairs master bathroom: toilet and shower plumbing.
48 Upstairs master bathroom: toilet, shower, and sink plumbing.
47 Irene in the bedroom, about where the bed will live.
61 Upstairs bump-out for the public bathroom with toilet, sink, bathtub plumbing. The roof truss is an "extra", but we'll need it. The trusses didn't account for the skylight that's supposed to go in directly above the stairs. The carpenter is going to move a couple of the existing trusses and install this one to get the spacing right for the skylight.
94 Irene next to the upstairs laundry room, with plumbing but no floor drain yet.
46 Main floor plumbing overhead for upstairs, above the kitchen. Glass block clerestories will be above the wall cabinets.
52 On main floor, main drain from upstairs comes down in the corner of the kitchen and will be concealed behind the wall.
88 Main floor plumbing in the ceiling for the upstairs public bathroom and laundry room.
53 Continuation of the upstairs drain above the dining room on the main floor.
42 Our crew-foreman, Evan with his son Andrew. Our contractor, David is leaning out the back door. Glass blocks in fore- and background.
58 More of the crew in the basement. They're shovelling clay from the basement to get it level before the gravel, insulation, and floor is poured. You can see the forms for the basement stairs in the background.
91 In the basement, plumbing from main floor kitchen and bathroom run in the ceiling space.
45 Coming back in with an empty mud bucket, to remove another load of clay. I'd like to move that electric panel a foot or two to the left to make room for a low-voltage (ethernet, audio) panel: the conduit can really only run here due to obstacles above.
91 Irene talking with our builder David about deck options. The tree has grown branches through the bump-out windows and will need to be trimmed.
50 Evan and Andrew exploring the top floor.
84 The front entrance steps are being formed. We planned to have a rather tall knee wall where the blocks are stepped, but it would look to massive. We plan to step it down parallelling the march of the steps. For some reason, Evan is able to take these changes in stride. :-)
92 This awning is outside Trader Joes in Alexandria and has a look like we want for a covering above our front door and kitchen door.

Chris Shenton