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57 David Frenzel: half of our builders -- Ballston Properties. Roof trusses are going up.
58 While the trusses are going up, our masons are laying the split-block window sills in matching darker gray block. The right window is done.
87 Irene leans out of the Kitchen window with its new sill.
47 Irene plucks the first dandelion from the future patio; dandelions are my nemesis.
51 View from on top of the hill of excavated dirt, looking down into the West wall, kitchen and basement.
37 Batman-cam. Framers attaching the fascia to the trusses.
54 From the top of the ladder, through a window opening: framers manhandling the West wall eave structure into position.
48 Framers affix the eave, view from the main floor through the stairway opening.
54 The other window sill has been completed. The platform extending from the bump-out will allow them to move the gable glass-block window into its proper, centered position.

Chris Shenton