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89 Gable blocks done; opening at top is for a 2x2 glass-block window.
73 Roof sheathing. The builders, Ballston Properties, and their suppliers call it the "Block House".
48 Framers are laying pairs of 2x8 headers on top of the blocks; the roof trusses will rest on these.
50 Same gable glass-block detail on the West side.
91 The framers said they wanted to hang the trusses today but couldn't get a crane this weekend. Turns out on Sunday they just hauled them up by hand.
67 To save construction costs, the window and door openings have been spaced on even-block multiples: cutting this block is difficult and goes through expensive blades. Unfortunately, the gable glassblocks here look goofy since they're not exactly centered. We've asked them to move it to the center.
84 View from Emerson Street. Our neighbors are building a new house on the lot just south of ours; it's conventional construction. Towers are a couple blocks away but big -- we hope they won't interfer with the great B-movies on Channel 53. :-)
77 Ground wire from the circuit braker box, goes to a pair of copper spikes.
79 I just want to record the spikes' locations so I can find them if I need to after the ground is backfilled.

Chris Shenton