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88 The electric meter box has been installed just where we wanted, on the North side of the house -- fairly unobtrusive. No feed from the power company yet, not sure when they're going to trench that.
43 We'll want the gas meter and feed next to it, and the condensors for the air-conditioning should be on the ground in this area too. It will all be hidden from view in the front, side, and back patio areas.
37 I'm glad to see it's Square-D brand, good quality stuff. It's got space for 40 circuit breakers. One outlet has been wired but won't be live until the meter is wired.
88 Looking into the bump-out, block finished to the second floor. The front door is perpendicular to the image on the right.
91 Second floor block nearly done except for the bump-out. The wooden 2x4 on the top floor marks approximately the top of the gable wall.
90 Irene's climbing up to the second floor. Evan will wait until the roof trusses (foreground) are installed before setting the blocks for the gables.
95 On the second floor looking west. The small window openings near the top of the wall on the right will be filled with a 2x2 grid of 12 inch glass blocks.
74 This week the steel folks set the I-beams and decking for the second floor of the bump-out. The I-beams' red tips are exposed sitting on steel plates set into the block and concrete bond-beam.
62 Evan's crew will have to lap the steel and blocks with waterproof bituthene membrane to prevent water from seeping into the blocks.
95 Looking East, hauling up the bituthene membrane.
90 After the bituthene is down, they can continue laying blocks to finish the second floor of the bump-out.
75 The roof trusses were delivered this week. They've been ready for quite a while but the blocks weren't built up enough for them. First Evan will install a double 2x8 pressure-treated plate on the final block course to set the trusses on.
93 Underside of the bump-out's new steel I-beams and decking.
86 Just outside the bump-out's South and West-facing window is the one tree on the lot, which fortunately survived the excavation of our house and the neihbors, 30 feet away. Gonna have to trim those tree branches a bit -- they poke through the window now.
46 Candidate samples for the interior wall of the Dining Room. They're similar to the split block of the exterior of the house, but have a smooth finish.
51 Narrowing the choices. Too bad about the nasty back-lighting.
46 Survivor: down to the final four. We're leaning to "Graystone", the second from the left. The dark one on the right is very dramatic but would probably be oppressive on a large wall.
88 Sparks fly: Evan's trimming the steel on the second floor of the bump-out.
37 Main sewer drain and water supply have been brought in through the wall.
46 Taking my first shower in the new house. Bad hair day.

Chris Shenton