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95 The main sewage drain is trenched and punched through the wall into the basement; the vertical is the clean-out.
83 The site's slope didn't allow it to run under the foundation footings because the house is too deeply set into the ground.
96 In the basement the drain pipe exits above the floor. It's fed from a ejector pump on the other side of the room, and presumably from a sump pump in the hole here.
95 Toby says the ejector pump on this side pumps straight up then across the ceiling, then down to where the main drain exits the basement wall.
45 The second floor walls and window openings begin to take shape.
47 Irene in the kitchen.
58 The bump-out and front-door opening are done.
71 The bump out and front door from the outside. Lintel blocks are only slightly darker than the main blocks.
47 Livingroom and office windows. A block is being hoisted up on the top left.
48 Top course of block is not yet on. We keep getting concerned about the location of the windows, more specifically the square holes for the glass-block.
56 We're pleased they managed to keep the tree: it's well located to block the view of the neighbors, and their view of us. It barely brushes the wall of the bump-out.
41 Not quite finished with the top course on the North wall. Are those windows really at the right height? Irene decides it's not worth complaining if they're wrong, too much hassle when there were problems with the first floor locations.
37 After the top course is done, they will lay rebar into a notch cut through all the blocks, then pour in concrete. This creates a "bond beam" which is as strong as steel.
41 It's raining lightly -- fortunately, not enough to prevent them from working. The weather has really slowed down the construction, adding a three-month delay and costly loan penalty from the bank.
46 All the blocks have to be brought up to the second floor. They're stacked by type and use.
54 Top of the first-floor bump-out. The blocks have been notched before being set in mortar for the rebar which, when covered by concrete, will make the bond beam. The steel crew is supposed to come in a couple days to put the beams in over the bump-out and weld the final floor decking down.
45 Evan's put the final block in the North wall.
58 The crew schleps blocks from the ground to second floor decking, one at a time.
42 They place rebar in the notched block for the bond beam.
40 The final course of block is set on the North wall. Above this will be two 2x's acting as a plate for the roof trusses.

Chris Shenton