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89 Evan's cutting the blocks for the first courses of the second floor. They have to be notched over the trusses and carefully set over the bituthene waterproof membrane.
92 The "bump out" or bay has finally been built up to the header blocks. In the center is the front door, though "front" isn't obvious in this house.
94 Between basement and first floors weep holes have been placed, with wicks. Rain water has seeped down the inside of the blocks then wicked out onto the surface of the blocks, staining them.
89 The dark grout between the second story blocks indicates they've just been placed. Rain prevented much progress recently.
87 Livingroom wall with front door to the left. The hoist must be used to haul each block up to the second floor, one-by-one; tedious work.
91 The towers are a "feature" of the site -- they're about two blocks away.
91 Amazingly, we were able to keep the one tree on the lot. The excavation cut a few of its roots, but it seems to be thriving now that it's spring. It will probably brush up against the house when it's done.
62 Bump-out is nearly done; opening for half-french-door from kitchen is on the left.
91 The tree, close to the bump-out.
85 Some of the walls will have glass block, as seen here between split block. This metal roofing sample is too dark but shows that a green color will highlight the tint of the glass.
91 The house can now be seen from Lee Highway, over the roof of Craven's auto center.

Chris Shenton