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65 Glass blocks stored on the first floor
93 View East on the second floor, lovely isn't it?
91 View West from second floor, wonder how the radio reception is.
33 The split-blocks are incredibly heavy and have to be hoisted one-at-a-time up to the second floor.
89 Choosing metal roof colors: sherwood green, slate gray, patina green, hemlock green, teal, charcoal gray, brandywine. The light-gray blocks is the main colors of the walls; ignore the yellow siding in the background.
70 Same colors in black-and-white to determine contrast with block.
91 Colors against the darker gray block which make up the lintels: slate gray, patina green, hemlock green, teal, charcoal gray; below for too dark -- sherwood green, brandywine.
70 Black and white version to check contrast against light and dark blocks.
89 Narrowing the choices: patina green, hemlock green. We think the patina on the left is a bit anemic, though the hemlock is a bit darker and bluer than we wanted.
78 The patina green isn't very contrasty with the light block, while the hemlock green isn't too contrasty with the dark block. We're leaning toward the hemlock.

Chris Shenton