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93 South through livingroom windows at neighbors' new house (about 36' away)-:
92 Top of first floor wall in Kitchen; clerestories are one course too low.
64 Top of first floor wall; blocks filled with rebar and concrete to form a structural "box beam".
86 Looking West past stairwell into kitchen; big windows start at counter height, clerestories are supposed to be above cabinets and between steel trusses.
79 Top of "column" around front door bump-out: block is filled with concrete then has steel plate which will receive an I-beam supporting steel trusses.
66 Gap between bump-out structural columns; bottom of column is being faced with architectural block purely for aesthetic reasons. How are we going to wire the switches by front-door?
91 West wall, kitchen windows, above basement door. No idea why they've left one block un-placed at the top left.
95 Kitchen South windows and opening for french door, then bump-out.
91 Living room South windows; front door opening is on the left.

Chris Shenton